Friday, 2 January 2015

Gully bop miss chin expose, The real reason why she with gully bop

 It’s coming to an end sadly, but 2014 was an interesting year in news, sports and other worlds existing in Jamaica. From Portia Simpson-Miller blocking the media’s press pass from gaining additional access to Gully Bop’s new claim to dancehall fame in a month to save the one night reggae show on Earth, Sting 2014 – Jamaica and its people had an enthralling year. So much so, that it was increasingly difficult to put together this list. Lies, its easy for us here. Daily Veritas, your social content space did not miss a beat in presenting these 14fascinating Jamaicans who made our year better and for theirs, well, let’s say –  they had a good year increasing their influence score.

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