Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Warren Weir victorious over Dane Nelson in sound clash

In the warm-up to last week's clash between Jamaican sportsmen Warren Weir and jockey Dane Nelson, the latter described his opponent as only a runner.
However, during Thursday's clash, it was Dane Nelson who needed to run from a slew of dubplates brought to the clash by Warren Weir.
Weir, who was first to play, showed his intentions early by counteracting Nelson's claims.
"Mi nuh run from boy," he shouted while throwing away his track shoes on the stage. The patrons loved the stunt and Weir followed up with strong hit singles like Real Friends by Konshens, Cyah Trust People by Vybz Kartel and Like A Whistle by Chronixx.
Weir's microphone control was clean and he introduced his songs with perfection.
Dane Nelson came next accompanied with by a sea of supporters chanting his name and blowing vuvuzelas. He played singles like Rise To The Occasion by Sizzla Kaloji, Wah Dem Feel Like by Vybz Kartel and My Scheme.
"Him name Weir, but where are they now?" he questioned and played Mavado's Touch The Road.
Nelson seemed to have brought more supporters than Weir, and they rallied behind his selections without much objectivity. However, at the end of the juggling round, the judges ruled in Weir's favour, and, as expected, Nelson's supporters was not in agreement.
Weir humbly accepted his first-round victory and packed his 45 round with fiery selections, including Copper Shot,Shine Yuh GunCall Di Hearse and Dem Nuh Worry We.
"Memba this is the nine night, funeral later fi Dane Nelson," he shouted.
Dane Nelson responded with Bounty Killer selections, Super Cat and Vybz Kartel. However, despite getting some strong response from the audience, he was no match for Weir, who won the round, as well as the crowd response.
The deciding dub-for-dub round was next and both sportsmen adjusted their outfits to show patrons it was business time. Nelson opted for a ski mask, while Weir wore a T-shirt bearing the writing RIP Dane Nelson.
Nelson kicked off the round with Munga's Bad From Mi Born. Warren Weir responded "when yu come a war a legend yu must play." He then played Bounty Killer's Lodge dubplate.
Dane Nelson replied with County Man's, aka 'Gully Bops', dubplate Clash Offa Wi. He received a roaring response for his effort.
Weir responded to the effort, stating that a madman had no place in his war. He then played Modern DayJudas by Jesse Royal.
The dub for dub round was a relatively ding-dong battle exaggerated by egos and tough talk. However, at the end of the battle, the judges again ruled in favour of Weir, though highlighting that Nelson had represented well.
The weekly clash series concludes this week with Fire Links going up against Richie Feelings, while politicians Babsy Grange and Kari Douglas will face-off.

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