Saturday, 13 December 2014

Amber Rose Asks Fans To Crowd-Fund Film & Has So Far Raised $55 Out Of $1.5m Budget

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Everybody’s ex is starring in a new film, called ‘Cameron & Eddie Lose The Belt,’ but she needs somebody’s help
The upcoming comedy is circumventing the studio route and raising funds through crowd-funding platform Indiegogo. The campaign, which kicked off on Tuesday, has only raised $55 out of a $1.5 million budget as of 7pm PST.
“Though the average Hollywood blockbuster costs hundreds of millions, ‘Cameron & Eddie Lose The Belt,’ is being made for a much smaller amount partially ‘because I am willing to do the work for very little pay,” says director, producer, and co-writer Mike Soccio.
He adds, “My actors are willing to get involved for the love of the script and the chance to be a part of something great and connect with the public.” As with any crowd-funding effort, there are incentives attached, such as memorabilia from the set and meet and greets.
However, Amber, 31, who recently filed for divorce from husband Wiz Khalifa, has got some of her very own perks to give away to some special people who donate. They will get to hang out with her at the world premiere, sit in her VIP section at the after-party, gain access to her on set video diary, and even appear in a scene with her.
Amber is playing Bella, whom is helping her two friends Cameron and Eddie track down a championship belt they have misplaced.
They have 48 hours to get it back before a very unstable cage fighter, called Razor Reynolds (played by Randy Couture), kills them both

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